Troubleshooting a Weak Signal Alarm

This alarm is raised when more than 75% of readings from the device have a weak signal over a three-hour period. If you see this alarm on one of your devices there are a few things you should check.

It is possible that the device is still sending data normally, even with a weak cellular signal. First, check whether the device is sending consistent readings over time. To do this, check the Activity section under Devices > Nodes > Status Details. If you see the expected number of readings, no action is needed.

Example activity plot. Based on the Sleep Time, we expect this device to send between 3 and 4 readings per hour.

If there are fewer readings than expected, there are a few other troubleshooting steps it may be helpful to take:

  • If the device is easily accessible, check that the antenna is securely attached
  • If possible, relocate the device to an area with stronger cell reception
  • Readings may also be reduced if the battery charge is low. The onboard battery management system may automatically reduce sampling frequency to conserve battery. Please read more about this here

If these steps are not resolving the issue, please contact our Support team and we will get back to you shortly.